Geurblokje Amber

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Geurblokje Amber

These special Moroccan amber scent blocks, composed of vegetable extracts, are made according to an age-old traditional recipe. Put them in your wardrobe, between the bed linen, in the bathroom or anywhere: they perfume every room. You can also use them in a perfume burner.

Approximately 4cm x 3.5cm x 1.5cm

If the scent diminishes over time, scrape off a few layers and the scent will return.

Tip: put some shavings in the vacuum cleaner and the whole house smells like amber.

Amber Resin is brilliantly aromatic, inebriating the senses with magnificently rich aromas. Because of the heavenly scent, it has been considered as a sacred sanctuary powder frequently alluded to as “Nectar of the Gods” or “Ambrosia”. Amber resin is also used spiritually for meditation, healing, purification, luck, love and passionate and spiritual balancing.

How to use the Moroccan Amber Scent Blocks

► Crumble a small amount of the amber resin into a powder and put it in a small bowl to fragrance a room for months, perfect for the bedroom.
► Put some flakes of the amber resin into a small cotton bag and hang it in your wardrobe or in your clothes drawer to gently scent your clothes.
► Sprinkle a little into a candle burner.

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